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Fractional CMO

A fractional CMO acts as your marketing officer, leading the marketing department and its strategies. The officer dedicates a set number of hours per month and works on high-level marketing campaigns and strategies to help achieve the business goals.

The fractional officer does not execute the marketing activities, but instead lays it all out on a roadmap for the business to make decisions - and then starts delegating to the marketing team.

The benefits of a fractional CMO are that you get the expertise and knowledge of the officer for a fraction of the time per month, for a fraction of the salary of a full-time CMO.


We specialize in the following areas


Blue ocean marketing strategies

Marketing workflows


Market insights

Competitor research

Marketing plans

Go-to-market strategy

Business development strategies


Our team of expert marketing specialists will help you with your marketing strategy and plans for both; long-term and short-term and grow your market cap by harnessing the power of these channels. We consult with you at the start of the services and make sure that we are going after the right marketing activities that align with your business goals.

Our typical timeline is as follows:

Month 1 to 2: Create roadmap for different marketing milestones and test the hypothesis for each strategy

Month 3 onwards: Create processes and workflows to align with the execution of the plan and interface with your team and external agencies as the marketing lead on your behalf.


Fractional CMO services include:

  • 30-day moneyback guarantee

  • Marketing strategy: long-term and short-term

  • Competitor research

  • Marketing insights

  • Liaising with other departments as marketing lead

  • Managing and mentoring the internal marketing team

  • Marketing communications strategy

  • Planning strategies and making sure that actions are taken against it

  • Decision making for the most viable marketing strategy

  • Managing the marketing budget

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