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Welcome to Basar Optimization

a results driven, ROI based digital marketing agency


Fractional CMO

Providing strategic marketing guidance and leadership in a marketing role, typically on a fractional or contract basis.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ranking your company on the first page of google search and google maps

PPC ads / SEM

Run ad campaigns on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter


Proven Track Record

Case Studies

Read how our SEO and SEM marketing services have helped

Client Testimonials

Read what other business owners have to say about us

Realtime Results

Access our realtime SEO and SEM campaign dashboards

Customized Digital Marketing Strategies

Tailored Strategies

Read how we develop customized content marketing strategies

Data Driven Campaigns

Read how we factor in marketing data for our SEM and SEO campaigns

Scalable Services

Understand how we create scalable SEO and SEM campaigns

About Basar Optimization

We provide digital marketing services for 2 - 50 employee organizations. Our specializations are in running profitable paid ads, SEO and marketing strategy.

We also have satellite locations in Chicago, IL and New York, NY

Our marketing efforts often drive a minimum of 10X return on investment for our clients. We always start out with this baseline in mind, to start delivering these returns within the first 3 months.

Our consultative approach involves understanding your current underperforming marketing channels and boosting them as a high priority to help you drive cash flow to pay for our services intrinsically.

Once these channels have been sharpened and honed we then get to work on market cap expansion and customer retention.

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