35 content creation ideas for Photographers

Updated: May 8, 2019

For all our photographer friends who are hustling and creating content each day to keep up with their social media channels. We've been doing this series for some time now, you know the drill !!

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These 35 ideas are supposed to be fire starters, we know you can generate 5 more ideas from each of these. And when you do, can you please do us a favor ? Can you please leave us a comment with a link to your website ?

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Here you go, the 35 content creation ideas list:

1. Top trends in photography for 2019

2. Should you go to school for photography ?

3. How to price yourself as a photographer ?

4. What are the different kinds of photography that you can get into ?

5. Famous photographers and their works

6. Origins of photography

7. What is architectural photography ?

8. Why was photography invented ?

9. What is portrait photography ?

10. How can you make money online, through a photography ?

11. List of top photography workshops in your city

12. How has digital photography changed the landscape for photographers ?

13. Post processing methods to use in photography ?

14. How can you make your photos look professional ?

15. How does photography influence world politics ?

16. What you need to know about political photography ?

17. How can you start a career in photography ?

18. The use of photography in scientific discoveries.

19. Photography with your iPhone X

20. The role of light in photography

21. What is the rule of thirds in photography ?

22. Learning the art of focus photography

23. Identifying symmetry and patterns in photography

24. What are elements of design in photography ?

25. The art of delivering a message through photography

26. What is product photography ?

27. Essential gear to use for [type of] photography ?

28. Composition techniques to capture emotion

29. Quick tips on Photoshop/Lightroom to create stunning photographs

30. What is RAW photography ?

31. The use of colors and lack of it in photography

32. How does stopping down affect your composition ?

33. What is multiple exposure photography ?

34. Setting up to photograph fast moving objects ?

35. How can you get better at food photography ?

Enjoy and have fun generating content.

Cheers !!!!

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