35 content creation ideas for Pastry Chefs

We are back with yet another idea generation list. This time we are concentrating on the most coveted, highly specialized and extremely technical skills of creating desserts. This list is a excellent resource for Pastry chefs to get their writing juices flowing !!

Again, these 35 ideas are supposed to be fire starters, we know you can generate 5 more ideas from each of these. And when you do, can you please do us a favor ? Can you please leave us a comment with a link to your website ?

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Here you go, the 35 content creation ideas list:

1. What is a pastry chef ?

2. What is Dulce de Leche and how to make it ?

3. Making the perfect Tuiles

4. Origin of pastries and how it has evolved over the years

5. Laminated and nonlaminated pastries

6. 5 or 6 basic types of pastries

7. Working with eggless pastries

8. Mirror glaze technique

9. How to butter and flour a pan

10. Mise en Place

11. Creaming method

12. The correct technique to tempering chocolate

13. Using piping bags

14. Creating the perfect sponge cake

15. Swiss meringue

16. Blind bake method

17. Sieving, folding and separating eggs

18. What is ingredient tempering ?

19. Difference between French, Italian and Swiss meringue

20. Chocolate mirror glass technique

21. Technique for making fruit compote

22. Pie crusts - techniques, types and recipes

23. Using Vinegar in baking

24. Caramelized sugar technique

25. Shaping and scoring bread

26. Macaron creation technique

27. Understanding food emulsions

28. Chocolate ganache

29. Microwave baking

30. Chocolate curls

31. Ingredient spraying - techniques, ideas, pitfalls

32. Basic equipment needs for baking

33. Staring your bakery

34. Top 5 blogs/magazines/chefs to follow

35. List of top 10 bakeries in your area with a detailed technical explanation

Enjoy and have fun generating content.

Cheers !!!!

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