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Conversational Marketing

Over 1.4 billion users globally are on a messenger platform

56% of the market wants to chat with the business through texts before they pick up the phone and call

Leads' costs are reduced by upto 30%

Scale from 0 to 3000 leads at a flat rate

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What We Do



Messenger Marketing Setup

Auto-Responders Enabled

Lead Nurturing Flows

Automated Coupons Delivery

Ads Management for Subscribers

Retarget Business Leads



Content Creation and Scheduling

Build Inbound Leads

PPC Campaigns

Search Engine Marketing

Increase Brand Awareness and Loyalty



CRM Setup and Integrations

Customer On-boarding

Training Videos

Automated Lead Nurturing

Email Campaigning with Segmentation

Automate Ad Campaigns and Social Media Marketing


We are determined to take businesses to the next level with our expertise.

The question is,


Basar Optimization

A Calgary based digital marketing agency operating in Canada and USA. We are built on a customer-relationship-first policy and maintain a very tight portfolio of clients that we work with.

Our marketing efforts consistently drive a minimum of 10X return on investment for our clients. We always start out with this baseline in mind, to start delivering these returns within the first 3 months.

Our consultative approach involves understanding your current underperforming marketing channels and boosting them as a high priority to help you drive cash flow to pay for our services intrinsically.

Once these channels have been sharpened and honed we then get to work on market cap expansion and new customer acquisition through innovative digital marketing efforts.

124 Covepark Pl NE,

Calgary, Canada


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