Free 60 minutes for Business Owners only

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, businesses are getting hit hard. Let's spend some time discussing how you can take your business online and maintain your cashflow.

What will we discuss?


Discuss your overall strategy for online marketing and the concrete results you wish to achieve.


Analyze Facebook page and ads and provide recommendation on steps forward


Analyze LinkedIn business page and bio page.  Provide recommendation on steps forward

Google Adwords and Analytics

Analyze Google Adwords and analytics and help setup dashboard. Introduction to analyzing website traffic.

Why Taher ?

Taher has been helping small business owners like yourself increase their online presence and optimize their marketing channels. He is a specialist in creating marketing funnels that convert your prospects into buying customers. He has deep, entrenched knowledge in working with Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Adwords - creating brand awareness and generating leads.

Taher has worked in and with Fortune 500 companies to increase their revenue with his niche skills.

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