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Certified Digital Marketers and Google Partners

Register before November 15, 2022
Limited seats available

Learn how to use Google Adwords to ensure more than 5X return on your ad spend

November 18, 25 and December 2, 9

3pm - 4pm MDT

FREE access to this and other workshops for the first 2 months.

PLUS, access to resources on digital marketing and network of like-minded entrepreneurs.

$24.99 / month starting third month

Live hands-on workshop

Get training for 4 weeks

Peer-to-peer learning

We consistently achieve over 5X return for our clients. And we are going to teach you how to do that for yourself.

Invest in our online 4-week hands-on Google Ads Campaign Workshop to learn how to set up and run your own campaigns with specific tips and tools to use for high performance.

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:


  • Create and set up your campaigns

  • Monitor conversions on your campaigns

  • Significantly increase your revenue!

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I'm Taher Dawoodi

I have helped hundreds of business owners with their digital marketing strategies and have helped them create paid ad campaigns (PPC campaigns).

And now, I want to help you too.

In my experience, I have found that TRUST is the biggest barrier to entry, when it comes to Digital Marketing.

90% of business owners want to advertise online, but are not sure if the channel will deliver enough returns on their spend. To help you through this, I am conducting this workshop to teach you how to setup and run your own campaigns.

Certified Digital Marketer, and Founder of Basar Optimization INC TM

Similing Team

My online business requires me to attract customers through various social media platforms and with the very basic knowledge that I possess I was blindly running Ad campaigns without getting fruitful results.

Taher's coaching approach is hands-on and his expertise in the field of digital marketing are reflected in the way he makes the concepts clear.

Rashida A

Google Adwords and LinkedIn ads experts. Woww!! Our business has seen tremendous growth since we hired these guys. And Taher is a delight to work with. Keep it up!!

Cindy L.

I wanted an evergreen marketing campaign done on google and Facebook and I was helped my company become known increasing my sales. Definitely worth it.

Heather W.

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Create and set-up your Google Adwords campaigns


Get on-going support


Free membership to our community to keep learning about new developments

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To Help You Run Your Own Campaigns
and to help you understand the immense power of Digital Marketing

I am inviting you to join this hands-on workshop on Google Adwords
... so let's get you started right away!

Last Date To Register: November 15, 2022

This event is for you if:

  • you are looking to grow your market cap

  • have been an established business for at least 2 years

  • have at least $100,000 in annual revenue (you need enough cashflow to spend on ads)

  • have a physical location or an online store with your products properly catalogued

  • have never used Google Adwords or have used it but are relatively a beginner to creating and monitoring ads

  • have less than 15 staff members

  • have no dedicated digital marketing team member or department

  • you do not know the exact definitions of more than one of the words below (this is to assess you are a relative beginner)

    • bidding​

    • negative keywords

    • search terms

    • extensions (now assets)

    • demographics

    • affinity audiences

    • phrase match

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Day 01 | 3pm MDT | November 18
Fundamentals of Google Adwords

Get an in-depth understanding of the Google Adwords platform for your specific needs. Understand what is a campaign structure, what tools are available for keyword planning, and how you will go about creating a solid strategy for your marketing campaigns.

Day 02 | 3pm MDT | November 25
Creating your campaigns

Learn how to create your Google Adwords account and your campaigns for your marketing goals. Add keywords, create ads, extensions etc.

Day 03 | 3pm MDT | December 2
In-depth campaign setup

Setup your campaigns for reporting and monitoring of conversions. Understand in-depth the options that are available to you to optimize your campaigns. Scenario planning case studies.

Day 04 | 3pm MDT | December 9
Setting you up for the future

Learn different Google Adwords definitions to help with monitoring your account and creating reports. Learn what you will need to watch out for in the future. 2 month on-going support setup.

Last Date To Register: November 15, 2022

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Last Date To Register: November 15, 2022

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