Meet The Founder

A father of 3 daughters, husband to a beautiful wife, a master entrepreneur, and a chemical engineer -  Taher Dawoodi has always been passionate about promoting entrepreneurship and taking control of one's life.

He has a deep-rooted drive to help small and medium scale businesses expand their market cap in today's world of the big box chain stores.

Ever since he was a child, he has seen how businesses suffer from a lack of a brand awareness and marketing strategy. Most of the members in his family are entrepreneurs, and that's where he got the first-hand experience at the perils of under-marketing.

"If a tree falls in the jungle, it will go unnoticed, until somebody intentionally talks about it"

Taher Dawoodi

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About the company

Basar Optimization Inc.

124 Covepark Pl NE, Calgary, AB

T3K 6A1

Normal business hours:

Monday - Friday: 9am to 6pm

Basar Optimization Inc. started as a side project, social media marketing company in 2017 for Taher.


Back then, he went around door-to-door asking for marketing jobs, especially for small businesses. After studying the market for 6 months and adding new skills and talent, Taher decided to move to Calgary, AB to make this a full-time endeavor.


Today, Basar Optimization has grown into Digital Marketing Agency, helping businesses expand their market cap by crafting and executing marketing strategies. Basar Optimization specializes in content marketing, lead generation and PPC projects.

124 Covepark Pl NE,

Calgary, Canada


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